New Student Orientation 2012


Please fill out the form below to register for one of our NSOR sessions.

  • Friday, August 24 (condensed orientation reserved for long-distance travelers and transfer students)

Note: Siblings who both need to register for NSOR should do so using separate forms.

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Session Attending
Session Friday, August 24 - reserved for long-distance travelers/transfer students

Guest Information
Parents, guardians and other family members are encouraged to attend NSOR.

On-campus housing available at $30 per person per night. Students and guests may stay the night before and/or the night of their registered NSOR date. On-campus housing is not available for guests during the August 24 NSOR session.

Each session includes a cook-out dinner at $4.00 per person (no charge for new students). Please provide the names and preferences for any guests in your party that will require housing and/or who will be attending the cookout.

Name Relationship to student Cookout

Does anyone in your party require special accommodations? (ex: wheelchair, food allergies, etc.)

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