Housing & Confirmation - Fall 2014


Use this form to confirm your enrollment and indicate your housing preferences. Upon submission of this form, students who are confirming their enrollment will be directed to our online payment checkout to pay their enrollment deposit.

IHM Seminary students please use this form to confirm your intent to enroll at Saint Mary's.

Student Information
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Selection of Residence Hall
Please refer to the Residence Life Information booklet mailed to you with the paper Confirmation & Housing form, specifically Residence Halls At-a-Glance when ranking your choices, or the link below (opens in a new tab/window).

More information on residence halls and Living Learning Communities

*Gender of the first-year halls may vary based on the gender make-up of the incoming class
**An additional fee will apply for these residence halls

First-Year Residence Halls
First-year students please rank your choices 1 - 4. Please use each number only once.

Saint Benilde Hall (men only) 1234

Saint Joseph's Hall (co-ed) 1234

Skemp Hall (women only) 1234

Saint Edward's Living Learning Center (co-ed) 1234
Individuals selecting Saint Edward's Living Learning Center will need to submit an application for the Living Learning Community. A link will be provide upon submission of this form.

Upper-Class Residence Halls
Transfer and re-admitted students please rank your choices 1 - 9. Please use each number only once.

Brother Leopold Hall** 123456789

Gilmore Creek Hall (suites)** 123456789

Heffron Hall (singles) 123456789

Hillside Hall (doubles)** 123456789

Ek Family Village (suites, 21+)** 123456789

La Salle Hall (singles, 21+)** 123456789

Pines Hall (suites)** 123456789

Residencia Santiago Miller (suites, 21+)** 123456789

Saint Yon's Hall 123456789

Lifestyle Preferences / Roommate Requests / Accommodations
The following questions are designed to help the university assign you a compatible living situation. Please note that although we will attempt to fulfill your specific requests, we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be met. All housing is assigned on a priority basis in order of your admission confirmation date.

Roommate Preference

If you are requesting a specific roommate, indicate the name of the student below. The request must be mutual in order to be honored and the preferred roommate must have a confirmation date within four weeks of your confirmation.
Roommate Legal Name - Last, First, Middle

I go to sleep:
I am awake:
I like my room:
I prefer to study:
I prefer a roomate who:
Optional Question 1
Optional Question 2

Special Housing Accommodations

Please list any special housing accommodations you feel should be considered when making your housing assignment. For any housing requests related to documented health needs, please contact Health Services at 507-457-1492.

Special Housing Accommodations

We will begin working on housing assignments in mid-June. If you have any questions, please contact us at Office of Residence Life at 507-457-1409 or reslife@smumn.edu.

By completing this form you agree to live within the guidelines of the Saint Mary's residence life policies.

Clicking Submit will send your information to Saint Mary's and generate a total for your order. If costs were incurred, you must proceed to our secure online checkout where you will enter your credit card information as payment.

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